Longezia means "Blessing" in Tonga. This is our Blessing flock.  We bought our first Jacob sheep in the fall of 2014. We had responded to an ad for a starter flock of Jacob Sheep. So our journey started with the blessing of some of the best Jacob Sheep lines in the country delivered to our door. Our first 4 sheep was a lamb ram (Beacan aka Splinter) from Windy Acres and 2 ewe lambs (Belle & Dana) and 1 yearling ewe (Jewel) from Ruby Peak. Jewel blessed us with a beautiful 4 horn ram lamb (Theuns) just a few months after her arrival. Even though we could not identify his father it was certain he was all Jacob sheep since that was the only breed that was at Ruby Peak. Theuns did pass inspection and was able to get a FF registration. We added our 4 Nebraska Girls( purchased from Kay Kreutzer) in 2015.

We appreciate the unrefined qualities of our Jacobs. They are a small efficient breed that possess a natural hardiness, lambing ease, wonderful mothering ability with few health problems. Each of our sheep have unique coloring and a distinct personality. Jacob fleece is a medium grade, soft, lofty wool that hand spinners and weavers appreciate.























































































































































































We have been a members of Jacob Sheep Breeders Association since 2014.

Foundation flock-the first 4

neb girls 7 2015.jpg

Nebraska Girls 2015


JSBA Show in

Oklahoma 2016